Sunday, July 11, 2010

Winter rolling

Too long! Yes, it has been way too long since I put anything at all up on CSC. And there are a few reasons, some of them better than others.
Reason 1: I've been excited about our unborn baby
Reason 2: I've been fiddling with builds (more on that latter)
Reason 3: The best softroading that I've been doing has been at night and I havent been able to take many decent pics.

So reason 1 is self explanatory.

Reason 2. The Ritchey MountCross has arrived and its very very fast! But the news is not all good. The fork can only fit a 40mm tire, and its a pretty tight squeeze at that size. It has 35mm Locusts on there now and its fine, but I really was hoping to be able to run a 45mm. Anyway, Its super light, and climbs very very well. The DT RR1.1 rims built up so nicely... I think it's my best pair of wheels, both build wise and parts wise. The H bar is pretty good, though I think a flat or riser bar is the way to go.Here is a pic.


I also picked up a $350 dual sus Kona the other day. At that price, I couldnt let the opportunity pass. It should open up some other riding possibilities in the future and I'm stoked with how well it is performing. No play in the rear linkages, shifters are fine, brakes arent super powerful but are OK, the fork and shock are both working well. So I will think about some adventures that I can use it for.

Reason 3. Night riding really is tops. Wednesday nights have almost become a regular soft road session in Canberra. We even had THREE people a few weeks back. We hang out on Bruce ridge and Black mountain for about 90mins and then hit Wig n Pen for a beer and a feed. The snosages pictured below have been the highlight of the solids on offer so far. They have a gas heater out front so its the perfect spot. Ty has been hammering his 'goose shod with nice fat WormDrives and Tom brought out the Spesh one night, only to fall victim to a hellish number of punctures. We have a circuit mapped out for a dirt road criterium and now all we need is another 5 or so guys to bang elbows with. Nice 2minute climb, very steep 30sec downhill to test small tire volumes and about a minute of flat in between. Its going to be ace :)


And finally, there was a day ride a few weeks back that was glorious. Canberra is just starting to get its act together and put on some clear days and cold nights... perfect for a ride.


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