Saturday, May 8, 2010

Business socks

I was going to include this in the last post, but I'd say it deserves its own post, such is my passion about my foot coverings.

Business socks can do just about anything that I can... just about. They can look respectful or whatever when you're sitting at your desk in the office, but that's just the beginning! I like socks that have high wool content (for what should be obvious reasons), and the highest ones that I can easily find are usually made for suit types. They're thin, light, warm and cool.... and usually a lot stronger than CoolMax and other materials that "cycling" socks seem to use. I've not put a big toe through any of my dress socks but I don't know that I have ANY cycling socks that don't have any holes at the toes, and my dress socks are certainly older. They are long enough to not have stones go down the top of em, and you don't look too "roadie" in them. They don't stink, and don't make your feet stink. They dry fast, and even when they're wet, they're warm. Theyre cheap. I run in mine too. I'm sure some people strain things through theirs, at a push.

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